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Be True to Yourself

Are you sacrificing your core brand for the sake of being different and generating an immediate market response Many companies are. While it’s important to be innovative and fresh in your thinking – and to surprise the consumer – it’s also important to understand that working within the framework of your brand is what maintains your audience’s loyalty.
It all starts with understanding who you are and what drives the success of your brand. Establish yourself as an industry leader with an ever-evolving story that taps into human emotion and addresses the needs of your targets.

Dove reestablished itself as an ambassador for “real beauty” and raised the question using social media, “What is beauty?” Consumers were found to be uplifted and energized by the conversational messaging. Starbucks built itself by not just making coffee but creating a coffee experience and attaching to that its support for the “green” movement and commitment to its employees. Chick-fil-A has always been known for its commitment to its employees and to family values, with franchises closed on Sundays and college fund programs for employees. The company took it a step further with “Daddy/Daughter Date Night,” an affordable way for fathers to enjoy a special night with their daughters.

Many companies, such as Dove, are successfully using social media to build their core brand by actively engaging and encouraging a dialogue with their customers.

Several other companies, however, have failed and lost consumer trust. Regardless of the avenue used to approach your audience, trust is key. Don’t sacrifice your brand’s integrity for a quick and responsive buzz tactic that might negatively impact your brand later. Here’s a short list of ways to successfully use social media to develop your brand:

  • Show consumers the human side of your brand
  • Allow consumers to speak
  • Be responsive
  • Introduce rewards
  • Target your loyalists

Watch for more blog posts on successful viral tactics used to unfold brand stories.


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Ron Dylnicki


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