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Behind the Scenes Look at a New Mrs. P. TV Spot

One of the opportunities our team enjoys most is on-location television (or photo) shoots.

The thrill of getting out of the office to flex those creative muscles is unlike any other. For this particular project, we were filming new spots for an existing campaign for Provident Bank, giving their spokeswoman, Mrs. P., the chance to show her financial expertise on the fairway.
The focus of a sophisticated, highly creative, atypical bank marketing campaign launched by the bank in late 2007, Mrs. P. is a customer and huge fan of Provident Bank, a full-service community bank based in Montebello, New York. Filmed on Halloween at a local golf course—just in the nick of time as the trees were dropping their leaves quickly by the end of October, but those that were left made for a magnificent backdrop of color—and one of two new :60 spots, “On Your Game,” illustrates the positive benefits of taking advantage of Provident Bank’s business solutions.

The creative team enjoyed the chance to evolve the campaign, which has increased the Bank’s brand awareness and bottom line, as well as the Mrs. P. character. Both of the new executions also include well-known Provident bankers (we had to twist a few arms since not everyone was initially interested in getting their 15 minutes of fame) to further emphasize Mrs. P.’s close, friendly relationship with her bankers, which is what doing business with a community bank is all about.

The new spots continue to incorporate humor to make them memorable and stand outs in Provident’s marketplace. The campaign’s unique approach has given the bank a “face” in a faceless industry and differentiates it from its competition while showing how Provident delivers its brand values and service excellence to its customers.

Here’s a peek at a day of shooting “On Your Game” which started with the whole crew dressed in parkas, hats and gloves (it is awfully cold on a wide open golf course at 6 a.m. in late fall):

Our “stars” (Mrs. P. and Carl Capuano, Senior Vice President and Director of Commercial Lending at Provident Bank) at the sand trap for the opening scene. Some golfers on the neighboring hole took a double take when we drove a cart straight into the sand trap! Check out the full spot to see what antics happen on the course, from the very beginning, with the two-some that joins them—all a result of them not banking with Provident.

Mrs. P. and Carl, dressed in the Provident colors to reinforce the brand, take in the sun, have their make-up touched up and get some tips from the Director on how to deliver their next lines. While Carl wasn’t quick to have his nose powdered or lipstick applied, he got used to the royal treatment.

The foursome heading to the tee box, following some instruction on club selection by Carl—Mrs. P.’s golf and banking pro. Look for the Provident branded golf balls when you watch the spot.

Getting ready to film the final hole. This scene took a lot of takes since our Mrs. P. actress excels in karate, but not golf. Sinking that putt wasn’t so easy. Note the Provident Bank logo on the flag—another opportunity for subtle branding!

Following a tough day on the links, these guys couldn’t wait to start banking at Provident Bank! It’s not often you see a golf cart pull through a bank drive-thru so our real-life Provident teller found her role quite entertaining.

View the complete “On Your Game” spot, and watch for more Mrs. P. spots to be posted!


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