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With thousands of successful blogs all over the world, it’s no wonder they are being taken to the next level – video!

Video blogs, or vlogs, are becoming increasingly popular as bloggers look to stand out in this incredibly noisy environment, spice things up and try something new.

Here are some great tips for starting your own vlog, courtesy of

  • Video bloggingChoose a theme and stick with it. Vlogs can be about any topic you want, but you should keep it consistent.  Teach something, make it personal, share a story, or keep it strictly business – it’s up to you.
  • Get a web host. Decide if you would like a strictly video vlog or if you would also like to incorporate photos and text, in which case you would need a multimedia vlog.  Once you choose a host, you then create your own channel to upload original work or even someone else’s (with proper acknowledgement!).
  • Pick a name. Choose a catchy name for your vlog, one that is memorable and interesting.
  • Plan ahead. Video blogging takes a great amount of effort, and a great amount of planning. Before you launch your project, make certain you have plenty of things to vlog about so it will be consistently updated and interesting to followers.
  • Post it. Go ahead and upload your first video!
  • Promote it. Spread the word about what you’re doing. Tell your friends and family, email your contacts, create a Facebook Page and Twitter account.
  • Maintenance, maintenance. You should be video blogging about a topic you like, so keeping up with it should not be a problem. Don’t make it an unpleasant chore, keep it fresh and have fun!

Do you have a vlog, or a blog you would like to turn into a vlog? Share it with us!


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