Programmatic Media

in-house, real-time trading for real savings

What’s missing from programmatic advertising at Austin Williams? Middlemen.

With the AW Programmatic Premier™ proprietary platform, our digital media team has direct access to all major advertising networks, so they can buy placements—including display, retargeting, native advertising, social media and streaming video—across every top ad network and all primary digital channels at a fraction of the cost.

Along with cost savings, we gain greater control. We can shift targeting, messaging and budget allocations to ensure the greatest possible ROI.

We can even layer in custom targeting data—including data from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon Shopping, Mobile GPS locations, comScore, Experian, Datalogix, Oracle, Acxiom, American Express—as well as our clients’ first-party customer data so we reach the right target with the right message at the right time.

Ready to get with (our) program? We thought so.

who does it

AW is a mix of former Madison Avenue warriors in search of a better quality of life and young marketing pros in the making.