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Cheers to Creative Slogans!

“Beer Speaks, People Mumble” reads the slogan on my bottle of Lagunitas. Well, the delicious taste certainly spoke to me. In today’s media-saturated environment, consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages daily. One fast way to cut through the clutter and capture a prospect’s attention is with an effective advertising slogan. In five words or so, your potential customer gets the benefits they can expect when choosing your product or service. On a higher level, it can help establish your company brand.

Often, slogans don’t actually mention the company name or product, but instead focus on the inherent benefit, and how it is better than anything else on the market. A strong slogan ties all the elements of your marketing campaign together.

The best advertising slogans are the ones that truly connect to their targets, describe why a brand or a company exists and are memorable and actionable. Test you knowledge of the following 10 “classic” beer slogans. Can you name the advertiser?

“The beer that made Milwaukee famous.”

“Tastes great, less filling.”

“You never forget your first girl.”

“The beer drinker’s light beer.”

“Lose the carbs. Not the taste.”

“It’s BEER. Hooray beer!”

“Miles away from ordinary.”

“Australian for beer.”

“Life Beckons.”

“The world’s first golden beer.”

Advertisers from top to bottom: Schlitz, Miller Light, St. Pauli Girl, Amstel Light, Michelob Ultra, Red Stripe, Corona, Foster’s, Beck’s and Pilsner Urquell. How did you do?

For more great slogans, check out this site, then share some of your favorites.


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