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New Perks for Prospective College & University Students

This blog has talked about how to improve conversions on your college’s landing pages that are used to attract prospective students. But what’s the next step, once you have those leads?
If you’re a college administrator looking to get more quality students into your lecture halls this year, you know that reputation, ranking, curriculum and location are, of course, critical. But sometimes, it’s those little extras that can tip the scales in your direction.

Here are some innovative ways U.S. colleges are filling those seats:

  • Freebie Laptops. St. John’s University in Queens, NY, gives incoming students the choice of one of three Lenovo ThinkPads or a MacBook. Each computer is loaded with productivity software like MS Office. The school provides upgrades and updates. The laptops are given to the students when they graduate; until then, the machines remain the property of the university.
  • Free Travel. In Massachusetts, many colleges are making it a point to attract more diverse candidates to their campuses. During spring and fall recruitment, Amherst flies some 200 potential students from around the United States in to participate in “diversity open houses,” and offers them two round-trip plane tickets to use every year, making it easier for them to get back home for holiday breaks and summer vacation.
  • The Green Life. Preserving the environment is perhaps bigger today than ever before. When students tour local college campuses, they ask about more than dorm room size and dining hall food. They want to know if the toilets are flushed with rainwater, whether the residence halls contain recycled material and how much of the electricity comes from wind turbines. Colleges like Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, have gotten on board, attracting students with green facilities, cafeterias and educational offerings.

So, what’s your college doing to sweeten the pot?


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