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The AI Art Generator Trend That’s Taking Social Media by Storm

If your social media feed is filled with AI-generated art renderings of your friends, you aren’t alone. It seems like almost everybody jumped on the “Magic Avatar” train.

Over the last few days, photo editing app Lensa AI went viral. Social media users are using the app to generate AI portraits and sharing their AI-crafted images (both the good and the bad) in their stories and posts. While marketers have long been attuned to updates in AI art, for most social media users, this is the first time they have interacted with a generative AI tool.

This begs the question: Is generative AI finally reaching the mainstream?


What is the AI portrait trend?

The Lensa AI app has users upload 10 to 20 portraits from their phone. It then processes the photos to generate avatars that look like they were created by a digital artist.


How does Lensa AI work?

Once you download the free app, be prepared to pay for your images. When you’re in the app, you will see “Magic Avatars” —aka the feature that is taking Tik-Tok and Instagram by storm. To generate the renderings, upload portraits of yourself and choose your package. For $7.99 you can get a pack of 50, $11.99 for 100 and $15.99 for 200 AI generated renderings.


The good, the bad, the ugly.

There have been reports of oddly contorted portraits, overly beautified images, and NSFW renderings. Lensa AI is clearly experimental. AI art has faced criticism from digital artists as well as privacy concerns. We’ve even shared our own POV in the AI as art debate.

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Lensa AI seems to have really taken off. But perhaps that’s not due to a sudden love of artificial intelligence, rather, the idea that people love seeing and posting images of themselves.

Thinking of jumping on this AI social media trend for your brand (or yourself)? Our advice: look before you leap.



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