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Top 5 Tenets for Effective Brand Building

Like many agencies, clients come to us with a desire to “build their brand.” But what does this really mean, and how do you do this effectively? It’s more than just getting the word out. Creating a brand strategy is an almost-scientific endeavor, carefully engineered based on a strong foundation and then creatively executed to produce solid results.

Here are some important things to consider while embarking on a re-branding:

  1. Determine who you are. Define your brand and who you want to be. Are you aligned with the needs, wants and behaviors of prospects – today and tomorrow? Have you identified their “hot buttons” and created a strategy that invites them to try your product or service?
  2. Understand – and acknowledge – your existing brand equity. Is a name and/or logo change or modification necessary at this stage? If so, are the decision makers open to this? Maybe you already have research that tells you the answer. If not, consider conducting some before you begin a new branding campaign.
  3. Be ready to be bold. Some strategic branding recommendations or tactics may make some people within your organization a little uncomfortable, but you need to consider your audience and be “Them Focused,” not “Us Focused.” Being bold can really pay off.
  4. Get buy-in from your “brand ambassadors” first. In other words, ask your employees. The “faces” of your institution need to be able to truly embrace and “live” your brand, each and every day. Your brand strategy must therefore include an internal component to not only educate, but also build pride and excitement and entice all employees to become “brand ambassadors” on your behalf – and spread the word.
  5. Make your brand ubiquitous. Your brand must not only resonate with all of your constituencies, it must also have “legs” and work across all media vehicles and communications, wherever they may be – and whoever is creating them.

Do you adhere to these tenets for brand building? Do you have any others to share? Please let us know in the comments below.

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