Always ready to help AW’s clients shine like the rock stars they are, Jenny knows what it takes to transform brands into fan favorites and brings her tenacious spirit to all she does.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

My grandmother always said, “Pray to God, but row toward the shore.” This has stuck with me and can apply to almost anything in life. It means that it’s good to hope, pray, or wish for something – but you must have intention, put in the effort, and work to get there, too – hoping isn’t enough; you must be the catalyst.

Any hidden talents?

I am incredibly good at getting a baby to sleep – especially infants to about six months or so. I’ve been called “the baby whisperer” by many.

What is your favorite thing about advertising?

My favorite thing about advertising is that a great marketing campaign, one that emphasizes a brand, that strikes a chord with consumers, can build a fan base akin to a rock band. I love it when people feel like part of a brand and become volunteer boots-on-the-ground, word-of-mouth advertisers and cheerleaders. I’d rock a Trader Joe’s tee just as soon as I’d wear a Beatles or Fleetwood Mac shirt.

If you had to switch AW teams for one week, which department would you work in?

Creative, without a doubt! I have had to do lots of creative work in my career, albeit on an amateur, self-taught basis. I sometimes think about going back to school for official training in graphic design and photography. I even have a little side hustle with some custom designs and small photoshoots called Jenny K Originals.

Name your top five desert island movies.

In no particular order: Almost Famous, Good Will Hunting, Forrest Gump, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Pride & Prejudice (2005).