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Paid Social Media Manager

Stephen Kalantgopoulos

Meet Stephen, AW’s paid social media manager, who dreamt of being a Monster Jam® Truck driver, and now expertly navigates the social media landscape – helping clients drive engagement, rev up ROI, and crush their goals.

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

This is a good one. I was obsessed with the Grave Digger Monster Jam® Truck and its driver back then, Dennis Anderson. The whole concept was just “badass.” I was asked this same question by my teacher at the time. When I responded that I wanted to be a “gravedigger,” my mother was called immediately, and they asked if everything was okay with me. We’ve had a good laugh about that one for years.

What three words best describe you?

Hungry, humble, adaptable.

What is your favorite thing about advertising?

Creating the process for the end-user and watching them follow through with it. It’s very satisfying to know, especially in paid social media, that somebody out there in the interwebs reacted to and engaged with your advertising, amongst the many distractions we deal with on a daily basis.

What inspires you?

Being surrounded by other creative individuals and knowing that your work is making an impact on a vast community.

What real or fictional person would you go on a road trip with?

Anthony Bourdain. And if I need to explain why, we can’t be friends.


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