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Expensive Doorstops?

In late June, President Obama spoke about his Waste Reduction program. In doing so, he pointed to a stack of printed Federal Registers and called them “expensive doorstops (complete with a visual).” After all – it’s published online.

With that statement, he dismissed both the printing industry and the USPS. Yikes!

Perhaps he should have focused more on how the government can perform additional data refinement and management on their mailing lists to cut back on so-called “stupid spending.” Or that sections of the Federal Register that change often would only be published online. I don’t know about you, but I still like hard copy of publications that I reference frequently.

Was the President saying that direct mail “doesn’t benefit anybody”? I bet the non-profit sector would disagree. In fact, the Long Island Postal and Industry Council just published statistics from Blackbaud’s Target Analytics showing that direct mail remains the main source of most charitable donations.

I think our President needs some education on direct mail – what do you think?


senior director of agency operations


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