Sterling National Bank

integrated digital and print strategy beats industry benchmarks


When interest rates increase, so does the competition for CD dollars. This integrated digital and print campaign for New York-based Sterling National Bank helped them compete with their better-known bank competitors in their new markets, delivered more than 3,400 qualified leads in six months and conversion rates far above industry standards.

Get the word out

A mix of digital display and print ads used engaging lifestyle imagery and consumer-focused messaging to standout from competitors’ “rate box” approach and connect with targets. Paid search and digital remarketing banners target rate shoppers.

Sterling National Bank Ad Examples
Track every lead that comes in

Dynamic call tracking—technology that enables a website to dynamically display a unique phone number based on the referring source—allowed us to track every lead back to a particular source (organic, paid search, remarketing).



lower cost-per-lead than average for CD products


higher click-thru rate (CTR) than industry average for paid search campaigns


higher CTR than industry average for digital display campaigns

Working Together

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