Research & Analytics

we are fanatics about analytics

Data drives everything we do at Austin Williams. Actually, it’s really not the data itself; it’s what it tells us about our clients, creative strategies and campaigns.

From the market research we implement at the start of every engagement to the performance metrics we measure every step of the way, we use powerful marketing analytics to turn raw data into insightful strategies and creative ideas that inspire the actions our clients seek.

marketing research

At AW, we believe in knowledge before communications. All marketing strategy begins with who. Who are your targets? What are their attitudes and perceptions? Influences? What will it take to drive them to take the action you seek? Our broad range of primary and secondary market research services can help you gain insight and competitive advantage—and identify category disruption ideas that create new market opportunity—at any stage in your brand’s lifecycle.

performance analytics

How well is your campaign performing? With AW’s performance analytics, you’ll know. Every minute of every day. We build measurement into every campaign element (even mediums like TV and print that were previously untrackable) and utilize our proprietary advanced analytics dashboard technology to monitor and manage all essential marketing and communications initiatives all at once, all in real time.

But we don’t just use this technology to measure campaign results; we use it to optimize them and make necessary adjustment to various facets—creative, placements, targets—along the way to achieve your KPIs (and then some).

Talk data to us.

who does it

AW is a mix of former Madison Avenue warriors in search of a better quality of life and young marketing pros in the making.