we build websites for colleges and universities that put students first

A website can be your college’s most powerful student recruitment tool. If it’s built by the right team.

At Austin Williams, we combine the latest in web development best practices with decades of higher education marketing expertise to build sites for colleges and universities that stand out from the pack—and drive in students.

We leverage our deep understanding of what students and parents look for during the college search process—online and on campus—to create well-thought-out, tailored journeys with messaging, architecture, and conversion paths that turn prospects into applicants and accepted applicants into enrolled students.

And isn’t that what you (and they) really want?

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what we offer


WordPress expertise

While WordPress is our specialty, we are platform agnostic and have experience with all major content management systems (CMS). We also develop custom CMS platforms to meet specific needs.


virtual event creation

Our team orchestrates virtual events that make a real impact on students and donors: from open houses and graduate-level info sessions to graduation ceremonies and fundraisers.


third-party integration

We make your technology partners ours, working directly with them to seamlessly integrate UX-enhancing tools—including event schedulers, chatbots, and virtual campus tours—into your site.


Slate & CRM optimization

Integrating custom tracking and more, we help colleges make the most of Slate and other popular CRM platforms, including Genzavar, HubSpot, and Unifyed.


ongoing maintenance

While we empower clients to easily manage their own sites, we offer a range of optional maintenance services including basic security, ADA scans, plug-in updates, content management, and more.


SEO strategies

We don’t just build websites for colleges and universities, we build solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that drive in student targets—both local and international.

our clients

our approach


responsive philosophy

Responsive design, which allows websites to adapt to every screen size, is one of the most empowering web tools to be adopted in the last decade. AW develops websites with more than just responsive design—our web development is based on a responsive philosophy.

intelligent information architecture

Your website needs to offer a consistent experience as an extension of your brand; one that is simply a virtual replication of what your audience might experience at any touch point where they may interact with you—with information delivered in a way that is intuitive to them.

UX that inspires action

We conduct a full discovery to understand your audiences, their behaviors and desires. That becomes the foundation for our approach to developing a user experience that drives results. Whether your audience visits your website to find out about your offerings and qualifications or simply to qualify your brand, it should invite and inspire a dialogue that leads to action. Ours do.

security that maintains brand integrity

AW employs security solutions that are custom fit to ensure data integrity and protection. All AW programmers are fluent in the latest secure coding practices that prevent common security flaws in programming languages and follow best practices to help avoid the increasing number of targeted attacks that focus on online vulnerabilities.

built for compliance

Whether it’s the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) or a new law none of us has heard of yet, we build sites that comply with existing regulations—and keep on top of the ever-changing regulatory climate to ensure your site stays that way.

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