Gurwin Healthcare System

overcome market obstacles to create rebranding opportunity


When the former Gurwin Jewish was ready to lift the pandemic-pause on their new healthcare system brand, we researched and retooled our strategy to drive consumer engagement and interest—and engender trust—in a senior services environment that was super-cautious and ever-changing.

Brand Identity

Innovation rooted in tradition

The refreshed brand identity we created for Gurwin pre-pandemic was now all-the-more relevant. Rich with history yet bold and contemporary in design, its Tree of Life icon gives a nod to the brand’s Jewish heritage while the “Caring for Generations” tagline communicates its legacy and evolving continuum of care model.


Yesterday & today

Gurwin’s generations-long relationships with their clients, families and communities take center stage in creative that’s both emotional and practical: The sepia-tone family photos give the campaign a distinctive and heart-warming look, while circumventing the need to update visuals to reflect the ever-changing mask/no-mask environment.

The campaign not only focuses on building awareness for Gurwin’s new healthcare system positioning; it also promotes specific service lines to drive in potential new clients.


Stand out to drive residents in—and sell out

Long Island’s 60-plus housing market is super competitive … and oh, so boring. Standing out in this sea of same was a must as Gurwin sought to fill the resident pipeline for their new Fountaingate Life Plan Community. Part awareness-building, part call-to-action, our ownable “Fountaingate feeling” campaign did just that.

While COVID-related issues delayed construction, securing Phase I depositors couldn’t wait. We didn’t either.


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