Molloy College

putting a local college in the media spotlight


Molloy College is a growing private college in the suburbs of Long Island. We partnered with their existing communications department to tell good news stories about students, faculty and a mission of community involvement and values to inspire prospective students and their parents.

Lights, camera..

We leveraged the power of morning drive TV for Molloy to establish its unique voice on issues of employment opportunities and the young workforce.

Showcasing student achievement

We promoted the selfless work of students improving their communities at home and abroad.

Advice from the president’s office

We created opportunities for Molloy leadership to speak directly to prospective students (and their parents) to demonstrate the attention paid to training graduates for the workplace – and helping them after they receive their diploma.



annual media impressions across print, broadcast and digital


local, regional and subject-specific media outlets covering Molloy College on a regular basis


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