Dime Community Bank

two different markets, one powerful differentiator


When BNB, a top Long Island community bank (and longtime AW client) was set to merge with Dime Bank, a local leader in the neighboring (yet different) Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan regions, creating a unifying brand position that would resonate with each market’s business targets was a challenge. Our “We’ve got your bank” creative platform provides a powerful solution.

Three vertical hanging posters in a storefront window advertise DIME bank. Each poster features an individual with a briefcase, toolbox, and wrench respectively, alongside the bank’s slogan:

Make it about them, not about you

A bank merger can be exciting news… if you’re one of the banks. Making the launch of the new Dime Community Bank all about its benefits to local business (not the merged institution) made the announcement exciting for customers and prospects alike.

A smiling woman with long dark hair stands on a city street, looking at her smartphone. Text overlay reads,
A man with gray hair and a beard, wearing glasses and a suit, stands confidently in front of a modern glass building. Large text reads
A person wearing a white lab coat and glasses is working on a laptop in an industrial or laboratory setting. Multiple computer screens and machinery are visible in the background, indicating a high-tech environment.
An image showing the text

The same bold messaging and arresting visuals made for some standout print ads too.

A banking advertisement featuring a woman standing in a greenhouse. Text reads:
A man in a blue suit sits smiling in a modern office setting. The text reads,

Our out-of-home marketing worked as well on the bus routes of Long Island as it did on the streets of Manhattan.

A billboard above a subway entrance features a man in business attire with a face mask, arms crossed. The text reads,
A bus stop in New York features an advertisement for Dime Community Bank. The ad shows a professional person in a business suit with the slogan,

While paid social advertising puts the merged institution’s messaging in prospects’ hands.

Maintaining the momentum

As the merger progressed, our campaign kept customers and prospects updated—and excited—while continuing to build the new Dime brand.

Two open magazines showcasing Dime Bank advertisements. The left page features a woman in a yellow blazer with text reading

Now our post-merger efforts both brand and sell, focusing on the digital banking solutions businesses and consumers want most.

A hand holds a smartphone displaying a Dime Community Bank ad on a social media app. The screen shows a smiling woman with curly hair holding a credit card and a coffee cup. The ad text reads
A person holds a smartphone displaying a social media post from Dime Community Bank. The post promotes moving money conveniently, securely, and efficiently. A tagline reads,

In the campaign’s first three months:


overall impressions


social media click-through rates versus industry standard


display ad click-through rates versus industry standard