Hope Credit Union

making it happen


Since 1994, Hope Credit Union (HOPE) of Jackson, MS, has provided critical financial resources to more than 2 million people across the Deep South in some of the nation’s most impoverished regions. A true catalyst for good, HOPE is redefining financial services, empowering their neighbors and businesses with affordable solutions, personal support, and life-changing economic opportunities. By sharing the inspiring stories of some of their members, we’re inspiring others to join them. And they are.


Give them hope (and real proof)

Inspired by members’ stories, the “HOPE makes it happen” campaign combines highly emotional narratives with hard-hitting evidence of the credit union’s life-changing impact in communities that have been ignored or marginalized by traditional institutions.

These powerful examples of what an individual can accomplish with the right financial tools also drove the print and out-of-home creative for the tools themselves, delivering record-breaking membership, deposit, and credit applications.

And they’re reaching consumers who are searching online for a true financial partner and a lender who understands.

We also turned these stories into engaging streaming audio and radio spots, and billboards, too, generating awareness in all HOPE markets – and nearly 74 million impressions.

Radio spots
"We're Ready Now" - Brand Spot
"A New Road" - Financial Empowerment
"Head Held High" - Small Business
"Of Our Own" - Path to Homeownership
"Your Own Room" - Home Loans


Keeping it real

To capture the transformational power of HOPE in the most authentic way, we partnered with local production house Elephant Quilt and award-winning director Abraham Felix.


In the first five months of the campaign’s launch:


new leads generated


new members acquired


new member deposits


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