PM Pediatrics

become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the nation


In a competitive urgent-care market that’s anything but child’s play, we continually looked for—and found—ways to make long-time client PM Pediatrics’ kids-only differentiator stand out. Our two-pronged strategic approach with distinct yet complementary creative helped the practice land a spot on Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest-growing small businesses in the nation.

PM Pediatrics logo in medical badge


Logo plus icon equals one super identity

The PM Pediatrics logo packs the practice’s after-hours and kids-only messaging into one powerful identifier. Brand mascot Captain PM resonates with children and their parents to project a safe and welcoming environment for pediatric urgent care.

Artist illustrating Captain PM on digital tablet

Together, Captain PM and the PM Pediatrics’ logo make for a strong, differentiating punctuation to all marketing intiatives.

PM Pediatrics and Captain PM logo lockup

Video & Motion

Build awareness in existing locales

Our “Fear/Fact” creative builds awareness of the practice’s key differentiator—their in-depth pediatric training—in existing markets in a quick, captivating way. Here, Captain PM serves as the punctuation to maintain brand continuity.

PM Pediatrics Fear Fact Campaign Ad - No Xray


Target key patient populations

Proof points and visuals enable us to tailor our messaging to different patient populations.

PM Pediatrics Fear Fact Campaign Ad - Toddler with coins
PM Pediatrics Fear Fact Campaign Ad - Ice Pop


Stand out in new markets

As PM Pediatrics enters new markets, Captain PM leads the way, differentiating the practice as the pediatric urgent care—and appealing to kids in a friendly, approachable way.

  • PM Pediatrics Fear Fact Campaign 300x600 banner
  • PM Pediatrics 300x250 banner
  • PM Pediatrics 320x50 banner


Hit competition head on

Tactical digital initiatives target prospects at ERs and general urgent care locations.



locations added across three states


patients treated as of July 2016


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