BNB Bank

break down market barriers and rack up double-digit growth


Community bank BNB is a recognized financial leader on Long Island’s East End. But as the bank expanded westward into the lucrative Nassau county and Manhattan markets, its name (Bridgehampton National Bank) and distinctively local identity were barriers to entry. Our rebranding strategy removed those barriers—without removing the “hometown bank” feel so appealing to its existing customer base—and helped turn BNB into one of the fastest-growing community banks in New York.

Brand Development

A new identity for new opportunity

By removing the distinctly local “Bridgehampton” from the bank’s name—but including stylized sails in the new brand icon—we broadened market appeal while giving a definite nod to BNB’s Eastern Long Island roots.

BNB Bank Logo
BNB Bank Colors
Close Up of BNB Bank Logo on Paper
BNB Bank Pocket Folder Designs

Video & Motion

Two distinct approaches, a singular message

While animated brand videos are key to building awareness in new markets, our strategy adds social media “success” videos of prominent entrepreneur customers in existing ones.


Web Development

UX-focused and conversion-driven

BNB Bank Website shown on responsive devices

With its “localized” home page imagery based on a visitor’s IP address, interest-focused content delivery and integrated marketing automation, the BNB website delivers a personalized experience to every visitor—and a conversion rate 50% higher than its predecessor.


Taking the brand message to the street

Billboard with a bnb bank advertisement against a blue sky. The sign reads

From the railroad platforms of suburban Long Island to the subway platforms of the borough and streets of Manhattan, our out-of-home executions strengthen awareness throughout BNB’s expanding footprint.

A side view of a vehicle featuring a large advertisement for BNB Bank showcases the text,

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