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Isabella Costa

Inspired by the butterflies “flying” around her desk, assistant account director Isabella helps AW’s clients spread their wings and soar above the competition with expertly coordinated campaigns.

If you had to switch AW teams for one week, which department would you work in?

If I had to switch AW teams for one week, I would like to work with the social media team. I love keeping up with new trends and learning about social media culture.

What aspect of your job are people always surprised to find out?

When I talk about my job, people are always surprised to find out how awesome our work culture is. I love talking about the fun, creative environment at AW. People are also surprised to hear about our amazing culture committee that organizes unique events and brings everyone together. So far, my favorite event has been our scarecrow competition!

What three words best describe you?

Loyal. Witty. Outgoing.

What real or fictional person would you go on a road trip with?

I would go on a road trip with Taylor Swift. I would play only her songs and ask her the meanings behind all of them. I have always been a Taylor Swift fan, and I am fascinated by how she tells a story through her music.

What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?

The weirdest thing on my desk has to be a mini blue dog balloon animal statue. I also pinned about 30 butterflies all around my cubicle so it looks like they are flying around me, and I have a jellybean dispenser. I am definitely looking forward to getting more funky decorations for my desk.


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